Domain Whois Lookup


What is the domain name Whois information?

During each domain name registration, it is created to determine the right owner, financial and technical responsible of the domain name, and transmitted to the registrar by the registrar and includes the personal or company name, telephone, e-mail and physical address details. domain name is called whois information.

How does Whois lookup work?

Domain whois query is carried out through authorized IP addresses to the relevant Registry firm or by sending the official registrar hosting the whois server with special agreements to the database that they specially set up and allocate security conditions.

What is the hidden whois record / information?

The credentials of some domains are hidden. This situation is known as domain whois protection. In order to reach the owners or financial or technical administrators of domain names with whois protection, it is necessary to notify the proxy (proxy) address, which assumes the confidentiality of whois information.

According to ICANN rules, every whois protection service provider has to deliver the notifications sent over it to the real owner of the domain name that it hides. In this requirement, since the declaration is accepted as the basis, the accuracy and timeliness of the contact information in order to reach the real owner of the domain names whose whois information is hidden is primarily the responsibility of the respective domain name owner.



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